Business Management: 
Successful organisations, whether large or small, are well managed. Business management involves controlling, leading, monitoring, organising and planning. The Business Management programme we offer examines many areas of business and management, from marketing to economics and accounting. Modules covered are Introduction to Business, Quantitative Methods, Accounting and Business Communication. 

Financial Management Programme 
This programme is designed for those wishing to develop careers in management with the advantage of enhanced understanding of finance and the ability to communicate in a financially specific context. Financial Management (FM) Certificate provides students with the knowledge needed to communicate and manage effectively in a business and financial environment. Modules covered in the programme are Introduction to Business, Cost and Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Business Communication. 

Human Resource Management 
The HRM certificate introduces students to the academic discipline that underlie the effective management of the human resource, and proceeds to explore the theory, practice and strategy of human resource management. Students who complete this programme will find HRM skills and their own marketability within their organization enhanced. Modules our programme covers are Introduction to Business, Business Communication, Managing People and Personnel Administration.

Marketing Management 
Marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to the customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and the business development. The Marketing Certificate programme introduces students to the crucial role that Marketing plays in business development. Holders of this certificate will have good knowledge and understanding of the key principles of Marketing and will be able to relate this to the workplace. Modules covered are Introduction to Business, Quantitative Methods, Marketing and Business Communication. 

Management of Information Systems 
Companies now seek business professionals who recognize the importance of IT to business performance and are comfortable using a range of IT applications. The Management If Information Systems Certificate introduces students to the use of information technology in modern business operations. The modules our programme covers are Introduction to Business, Accounting, IT Applications and Skills and Introduction to the World of Computers-.



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